Save Time and Money On Cabinet Refinishing with JB Painting

Are you in need of cabinet refinishing? Do your cabinets look a bit dated? Good news: you do not need to replace them altogether. You can get the feel of brand-new cabinets without the cost and hassle of installing new ones. Our professional painters and painting contractors at JB Painting in Waterville, Maine, have the tools and experience to leave your cabinets looking new. Call (207) 205-9852 today and let us make your cabinets look fantastic.

The Benefits Of Cabinet Refinishing

Not sure about starting a refinishing project? Here are three benefits of cabinet refinishing with JB Painting:

Faster turnaround time

Instead of going without cabinets for an extended period of time, consider refinishing. Refinishing takes less time so that you can enjoy your kitchen, bathroom, or other space sooner rather than later. In today’s world, time is of the essence. Save yourself some stress and trust our painters and painting contractors to restore your current cabinets.


Cabinet replacement can be expensive. Instead of replacing cabinetry that is still in good condition, a simple refinish can save you a lot of money. Why waste your hard-earned cash on replacing your cabinets when you can re-touch what is already there?

Compelling results

Even with convenience and cost effectiveness, you may think you will not see adequate results. Here at JB Painting, we promise that our work will deliver compelling results without the cost and hassle of replacing cabinets or a DIY job. We have the tools and experience to do this job effectively and safely.

Start Your Refinishing Project Today in Waterville, Maine

Are you ready to spruce up your existing cabinets? Contact JB Painting in Waterville, Maine, today to request a free estimate and discuss how our services can help make your next painting project be as perfect as possible.

Trust JB Painting for high-quality cabinet refinishing.